What is a cookie.
Cookies are small text strings that the site visited by the user send to its terminal. The text stores information that the site is able to read at the time when it is consulted once again by the user. Some cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the site; others are useful to the visitor because they make navigation and use of the web faster and quicker or, for example, can store the user’s name or language settings. The advantage of having the cookies installed on your computer is to avoid the need to provide the same information, for example, to access a site already previously visited.

The Guarantor for the protection of personal data, by the provision of 8 May 2014 (published in G.U. [Gazzetta Ufficiale di Giurisprudenza (Official Law Journal)] no. 126 of 3 June 2014), has divided cookies into two main categories.

a. Technical Cookies.
Technical Cookies are those used for the sole purpose of “carrying out the transmission of communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the service provider of the IT company specifically requested by the subscriber or user to provide this service (see, Art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Code)”.

They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner or operator of the website. Technical cookies can be divided into navigation or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or get authenticated to access restricted areas); analytics cookies, similar to technical cookies because used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site; functional cookies, which allow the user to navigate based on a set of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered to the same.

b. Profiling cookies.
Profiling cookies are designed to create profiles relative to the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user when surfing the net. Given the considerable invasiveness that such devices may have to the private sphere of users, Italian and European legislation requires users to be properly informed about the use of the same and to express their valid consent.

Because our site uses cookies.
Our site uses only technical and “third party” cookies. The use of cookies provides the user with a better browsing experience. Through cookies, for each visit on the site the user does not have to enter the same information already provided during the first visit. Cookies are also used to optimize the performance of the website.

“Third party” cookies (Social Network).
When visiting our website, cookies may be received from sites operated by third parties and this is mainly due to the presence of “social plugins” for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. These are part of the page visited, generated directly by said sites and integrated into the page of the host site. The more common use of social plugins is aimed at sharing content on social networks. These services allow for interacting with social networks or other external platforms directly from the pages of this site. The interaction and information obtained from this website is in any case subject to the user’s privacy settings relative to each social network. If an interaction service with social networks is installed, it is possible that even if users do not use the service, the service will collect traffic data about the pages on which it is installed. To view the respective privacy and cookies policies it is possible to visit the social network’s websites.